The Jean Batten Clipper

Panoramic windows -Viewmaster-

These are the first photos taken of the DC3 in England

Final adjustments before leaving the hangar

Ready to fly

Wednesday, October 24th at 16h41 – Cergy-Pontoise, France

The Jean Batten Clipper takes off towards Lydd, England, near Lympne, where Jean Batten began her journey to New Zealand, October 5, 1936.

This is the beginning of a great adventure!

Arrival at Lydd after just 50 mins of flight : Departure in IFR (instrument flight rules) arrival with VFR (visual flight rules). A clearing sky as we go over the Bay of Somme at 5000 feet. On board, 5 crew, 3 of the association members and 3 of the engineers on their way back to the States.

We lodged half an hour away at the lovely Lympne castle, the village from where Jean took off a little over 75 years ago, and the evening finished off with a typical meal at the local pub !

Day 1 : The official start of the Airscapade to New Zealand and the first long flight for the long girl since she flew from South Africa to Shannon now about 8 years ago.

Landing in Marseille

Obviously too late to visit the Castle of If but not too late to enjoy a typical Marseille seafood dinner and meet up with old friends.

Day 2 : The pouring rain in Marseille did not stop us getting away at 9 and the 1500 feet altitudes gave splendid views of the coast, the Charles de Gaulle aircraft carrier, a submarine, and sparkling Corsica. Sunshine awaiting us in Italy.

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